prefix giving the negative sense of words with which it is combined, esp.:
1 not doing or having or involved with (non-attendance; non-payment; non-productive).
2 a not of the kind or class described (non-alcoholic; non-member; non-event). b forming terms used adjectivally (non-union; non-party).
3 a lack of (non-access).
4 (with adverbs) not in the way described (non-aggressively).
5 forming adjectives from verbs, meaning 'that does not' or 'that is not meant to (or to be)' (non-skid; non-iron).
6 used to form a neutral negative sense when a form in in- or un- has a special sense or (usu. unfavourable) connotation (non-controversial; non-effective; non-human).
The number of words that can be formed with this prefix is unlimited; consequently only a selection, considered the most current or semantically noteworthy, can be given here.
Etymology: from or after ME no(u)n- f. AF noun-, OF non-, nom- f. L non not

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